KS1 Production

A brilliant performance by KS1!

The KS1 play was absolutely amazing this year. It was about a little angel who was always late to angel meetings because she had no wings. At one of the meetings, Angel Gabrielle said that all of the angels must see baby Jesus being born. Little Angel went on a long journey by foot to get to Bethlehem so she could see Jesus being born and on the way she met lots of animals who were in pain. She helped them and was rewarded with some wings so that she could fly.

The Magazine Team loved the play because it was a different take on the original nativity story and had a moral - if you help people then good will come your way. Keep up the good work for future productions KS1! If you keep up the good work then we all agree that when you’re in Year 6, your productions  will be outstanding!

Thank you to all the teachers for putting countless hours into making the play perfect; well done to the children for giving up your free time to learn the many lines and songs in the play; and thank you to the parents for buying or making the wonderful costumes.


-The Magazine team

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