First Class training session on how to use the School Bites system...

Anna and Ian had a fantastic afternoon with the Enterprise Team at Park Road Academy Priamry School today...

What a great afternoon!

Miss Edwards invited Anna and Ian into school to introduce their School Bites Online News Broadcasting system to the Enterprise Team at Park Road Academy Primary School.

The Enterprise Team enjoyed producing articles with words and pictures and seeing their work on their own web site straight away.

The children can produce articles in class or at home by working online or by writing them as a MSWord article first which can then be copied and pasted into the the page they have created. Photographs can be placed within the stories to give them more appeal to the readers.

Families and friends are able to 'like' and 'share' articles using the built Social Media tools.

For the peace of mind of parents and carers, the site is 'policed' and administered by the school staff so that nothing can be published to the site without first being vetted for suitability by them.








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